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Bulletins is a Laravel 6.0 project. It requires PHP 7.2+ and Composer.

A standard installation may look like this:

# Install the project using Composer
composer create-project --prefer-dist --stability=dev entrepreneur-interet-general/bulletins
cd bulletins
# Copy the default env file
cp .env.example .env
cp config/projects.example.yml config/projects.yml
php artisan key:generate
# Start with a SQLite database and some sample data
touch database/database.sqlite
php artisan migrate:fresh --seed

More information can be found on Laravel's documentation.

With Docker

# Clone the project
git clone
cd bulletins
# Customize docker-compose.yml and config/projects.example.yml (it will be copied into the container)
# then start services
docker-compose up
# Initiate datababse
docker-compose exec php php artisan key:generate
docker-compose exec php touch database/database.sqlite
docker-compose exec php php artisan migrate:fresh --seed